Private talking.

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Private talking.
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I had a dream at night back in 2006… Being off the roadside, far away from anybody, I walked to an edge of overhanging cliff, looked at sky and saw a face formed with stars. A creature of cosmic scale. They told something to me. I did not hear the words, but I felt them, their purposes and depths of their wisdom. So strange, but nothing frightening. Even nothing mysterious. Just unconstrained communication with creature, who exist at immeasurable distance away, but definitely is a friend and can open some important things to me.

And I felt greatness of their scales so strongly... and it was clear to me, that only I can see them even if they're "projected" in the skies.

It was a problem how to portray that "person". Does them have any emotions? Maybe such a complex mind has some more complex conditions than emotions. I even can't remember what this face used to look like. Sooooo... I just draw an Eye. =) And some random older guy in the style of first half of 19 century instead of myself.

Music for proper mood: Logical Elements - Giant Sculptures.

Date: October 2016.
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Дон Беладонн.
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13 ноября 2017, 15:57
Какая-то мистика?
Ну не совсем, и да и нет. Скорее даже фантастика. Подразумевается, что такой ментальный "контакт" как бы инициирован могущественным и очень развитым существом при помощи сложной технологии. Но для наблюдателя с Земли 19 века ощущения (в силу незнания) должны быть совершенно мистическими.