Mud-hound troglodytes.

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Mud-hound troglodytes.
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Disguising creatures, commonly held in underground systems. They’re living security devices, clearing subterranean parts of buildings and mechanisms from any kind of intruders, including vandals, thieves, spies and homeless fellows. People often say that troglodytes are just brainless parasites, too tenacious to be easily wiped out. That’s far from truth. In fact, troglodytes are clever enough; they live in families and almost always receive invitation to colonize underground structure directly from its owner.

Biologically, troglodytes are sort of vertebrates. They swiftly crawl through the most narrow passes and corridors, moving in a manner in between snakes and slugs. Their bodies aren’t very flexible though, but strong and muscular, able to keep speed of easily-running human for hours without any sign of fatigue or slowing down. Two short hooks aside a chest are not real limbs in fact, just hard formations of skin, like two claws attached directly to the chest. With those claws troglodytes can climb onto bent planes or low heights, but their bodies are too heavy to climb onto walls. Troglodytes detect intruders from big distance, thanks for their well-developed organs of perception. Their smell is twice as good as of dogs, swivel ears can catch most distant sounds, while single eyestalk can pass through narrow holes and cracks, carrying a vigilant eye which can see in the almost complete dark.

Without haste, troglodyte follows a victim, driving one into dead end or waiting until victim get tired. Overtaking poor one, troglodyte usually has to make two bites – first to weaken a victim and second to kill. For those who try to fight back, troglodytes have other arguments such a whipping tail or attacking in pack. If needed, troglodyte can ambush victim or gnaw trough wall to reach one. These creatures are obstinate as hell, they try everything just to not let victim go alive. Escaping from bunch of troglodytes is a hard task. Turning them away is almost impossible, but one can make lone troglodyte step back if lucky enough to damage its eyestalk or neck.

Some people may think that I based this concept on dianogas from Star Wars, but actually it was inspired by two-headed limbless drakes from old game Hocus.

Music for the mood: Ruhr Hunter & Chaos As Shelter - Movements IV

Date: September 2018.
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