Equi-bull’s megaton charge.

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Equi-bull’s megaton charge.
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A picture with three births. Long ago in 2007 I’ve made a sketch and postponed it, then continued working on it in 2008 and made a colored picture. Those times I just couldn’t work properly with color and shades. Still I have something to improve, but though getting better is infinite process, at least I can improve some good old works to my current level. So I did it with this picture after many years.

This artificial beasts named mekanites are something like techno-magical golems invented by extinct nation. Ancient ruins are haunted by those beasts, which were made to preserve territory from the eyes of intruders and to… entertain their creators. There were numerous arena areas resembling roman Colosseum, monuments of vicious degraded culture of extinct nation… and of their violent nature, which finally killed them.

Rich people usually kept a mekanite golem inside area around house. Or inside vault. Or inside basement of the building. Only creators knew a way to control it. Now they are dead, and streets of their forgotten city have become deserted. People have been turned to ashes, and then even ashes have gone with the winds. But magical monsters of bronze and steel, metallic brutes and daemons, which are almost undying, still roam around streets and hallways, attacking each other from time to time. Any of them has been primarily assigned to guard limited area only, acting alone and rarely seeing other golems. In this reason, they are unable to collaborate, and any of them will be surely recognized as an enemy by another one. Ancient artificers have provided them with potential ability to act together, but there is nobody alive now to enable this option. Yep, there IS some percent of mekanites who are sentient now and who got some individual perspectives. But most of them just are not supposed to live on their own or to act together. They can only guard the place and fight intruders or fight each other. At last, ageing walls started to fall to pieces, urging golems to have a lot of unpleasant destructive meetings.

By the look, these walking bronze statues resemble something like metalized mythological creatures and ordinary animals: tigers, dragons, lions, giant humanoids, horses, bulls and birds of prey. In other words, their creators have based design on real creatures of their world. The beast with long claws was designed to look like a metallic version of bipedal humanoid reptilian species, mean beasts with shell armor and weight of almost two tons, which included bestial gladiatoress named Cobalt, who lived and fought some centuries before this fight. I called another being Equi-bull, regarding to his similarity with both of equine and bull. There was living prototypes for him as well – a kind of wild horse-bull beasts, more than ton of muscles and bone. So-o-o… this two metal bastards had an unpleasant meeting. Sharp claws of bipedal beast are not very effective against armor of other mekanites, and so against Equi-bull, but latter is just smaller and lighter, so for the first time he had to flee. Only to spie out his rival later. Alternative magical technology of the ancient dead city made old factories to keep working eternally without any purpose, and wandering mekanites sometimes get into abandoned factory corridors. Our monsters finally met each other into the depth of slanted chute, which was made for rejecting scrap into the melting trench. Equi-bull managed to run up and accelerate well before a jump, so rusty metal of the shutter could not stand the blow of two big falling bodies. Can they survive in the hot of molten metal and if they can, what will happen with them? I don’t know and don’t want to guess. Their aimless fight is as an echo of foolishness of their dead creators.

Music for the mood: Iron Man OS - Anvil.

Date: November 2017.
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07 августа 2018, 15:20
У коня рога кривые, или мне кажется?
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19 мая 2008, 18:29
Максим, с очередным тебя успехом. Замурчательные механические зверюги вышли! Удачная реализация стиля этакой биомеханика. Свет у тебя хорошо получается. И с пропорциями все ок. Только мне кажется у быка глаза должны чуток светиться, самую малость. А еще отец сказал, что металл совершенно не так рвется, но работу это не портит. В общем, приятно удивил, как и с Каррасом. Минут 10 разглядывал арт, получил большое удовольствие. Спасибо.
С металлом я прилично намаялся, да. В итоге так и не сделал его как следует. Но нужно учитывать, что это проржавевший, ноздреватый и истончившийся металл.