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Vitaly S Alexius

Vitaly S Alexius - young artist from Canada, who have created his own style of art, named "dreaminism". He inspired me to go on with art.


Grandiose portal of concept artists around the world. A lot of sketches, a lot of information. Your traffic will be overloaded, but it of that costs.

Kelly Hamilton

Kelly Hamilton's imagination is unlimited. I found her easy but impressive style to be wonderful.

Justin Cherry

Here is man, who can find beauty in things, which are not considered to be nice. I think, he has succeeded in it. His website if example of perfomance style without hard Java Script coding or Flash animation.

Paul Richards

Paul Richards pleased me with his concept arts for Quake 4, but not only this. It is great, when artist can make picture of robot or cyborg to look filled with life as much, as organic creature.


Lumenae saw several of her artworks on Deviantart. She has own website, but there are even less art pieces. Despite this, I like her style, as well as her attention to Thief heries. She like pagans, who are enemies for pagans, but does it matter, if her style is so good? :)


No matter, who are characters on arts of Marina Kleiman - all of her monsters sems to be very kind. :) And that's cool! I like her soft colours and original choice of characters - trolls and werewolfes. :D

Concept Artist's links collection

Catalogue of professional concept artists. Nearly 200 links. All of them have worked on known projects (including movies).

And many more
on russian version of this page...

Hammerite Imperium

Hammerite Imperium - majestic mission pack for Thief series, developed by several people. Events are developed some decades before Thief I. Main hero is hammerite, of course. Vitaly S Alexius is author of idea and project starter.

Hammerite Fire

Hammerite Fire studio. I sure, it's name inspired by hammerites, because during my first and only visit I saw hammerite textures from game used as background. Unfortunately, this website id dead long ago. I even don't know, what kind of work they did. But hammerite resources are outnumbered, so I still keep this link.


Thief - The Circle

Thief - The Circle. Biggest Thief resouse in entire Web. Damn it, I love it's design so much, so much eeeh!

Dark Fate

Major russian resource, related to Thief series.

The Dark Mod

The Dark Mod. May be, this is future of Thief world. This is not add-on or mission pack, this is CG technology for fan-made Thief games.

Open Dark Engine

Open Dark Engine - of course, is much more modest, then The Dark Mod, but also interesting project. Goal is to develop alternative Thief engine, as weak as old Dark Engine, but compatible with new operation systems.

Thief Underground

Part of 3d Action Planet portal. Good news section. Maybe not as good, but at least as old, as Thief - The Circle.

The Weary Taffer

Home page of great Thief fan and known fan mission's maker named Yandros. He like Hammerites culture as I do, but link is placed in common section, since there is not much at site yet about Hammerites specifically.

Thief в Wikipedia

Just Thief series on famous Wikipedia.


Through The Looking Glass. Community of people, who still remember computer games by great, but sadfully dead Looking Glass Studios.


Star Wars Elves - club of role-playing, where cosmic fantasy and traditional fantasy merged.


Public online gallery with free registration - home of many artists, both beginners and professionals.