Waffuree (Waffa) Khalme
Nation: Tauren
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Habitat: World Of Warcraft, Stonehoof clan.
Source: Taurens & WOW (C) Blizzard.
Born: Embryo idea - early 2006, finale - april 2008.
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 227 lbs
Notes: One of key characters.
Fan character. Twin original being developed.

And now let me introduce another female tauren character, who is not as sneaky as Tayamee and is not as gentle and purposeful as my upcoming character Tajhaffi. To be more exact - she is not tricky woman at all and not "refined lady" in appearance. Not slim in her lusty and fleshy figure as well. :) But hey - she is notable person. And for notable person, I have prepared notable name - Waffa Khalme. This is melodious name for orc's or tauren's ear, but quite eccentric for ear of Alliance's foppish grumbler.

Hasty, brusque and unwise - this is the way she lives. At least, so appears at first glance. Manner of speaking, cheeky voice, bad way of behaving and inauspicious habit to go off the handle on every occasion - all of these facts impels a few of Horde members to love her dearly, and all others - to give her the screw-loose sign. Venerable subjects of Alliance are much more conformed with their attitude to Waffa. As usual, they say: "Holy cow! What kind of ridiculous scarecrow is this?". Standing over 6 feet and 3 inches in height, being not a bit slim in her "bovine" body build, and carrying a lot of prominent scars - a whole bunch of aggravating factors for such peremptory judgment.

Waffa's scattershot temper is hard to deal with - she is emotionally unstable and completely unable to take control of situation. As usual, taurens are not built that way - they are steady and wise. But not Waffa - this lassie is too easy to incite, easy to offend and very hard to soothe. It is not surprising if you know her story - all her life consists from raids and scuffles, from little up. There was no family upbringing, only gathering with company of uncivilized madcaps like herself. No, she is not hooligan, not thug, not bandit - all of her raids have been done with good purposes - for benefit of horde settlements. But objectives and style of working was rashness itself - generally, it was mopping-up operations. Giant spiders, murloks, harpys, golems, succubus, mud monsters and skeletons. This kind of job doesn't require circumspect strategy: headless charge, wild scramble, crowd-vs-crowd. Just beat with flail, strike with spear and seek to survive.

Although this, Waffa know liability were well. For all her character traits, which is rather rude, she is less foul, villainous and selfish, then most of other people. She can be rude, impertinent, but she considers baseness to be sickening. Her buddies, who fight on the same side with her knows it very well. In case of need, she will shield wounded companion with her own body, no matter who are enemy - forest spider, who will easily go down, or massive furbolg, who can crush her at one stroke. However touching this kind-heartedness may be, only her brothers-in-arms know this. For all other people she is just cheeky youth. And for most part of alliancers she is actually a horned crank.

In passing, she detests Alliance with vehement hatred. She does this inertially and by intuition. That's where misunderstanding with alliancers comes from. Inertially - because she is taught by stereotype "alliancer = armoured meat" from little up. By intuition - because she sense that her bestial look rise as something uncivilized before eyes of human, high elf of dwarf. This fact hurts her very much, although she never makes a declaration of this weakness to anybody. No, no, alliancer can recognize her as nice and devoted person however! Just contacts almost never turn into candid dialogues.

Nobody can turn all own life into endless carnage. She is also become tired of this. In the course of time, she wants more constant principles of life. Her relations with orc guy (!?!) named Trigg grows into something very, very significant. And this is one of few islands of stability in her life. As follows from Waffa's origin, even her love story is curiously exotic. Eventually, there was always wide choice of young taurens around her, while serious interracial love-matches are not a ready commodity, even as concerns as amicable races as orcs (1). Spiritual intimacy between Waffa and Trigg overcomes physical difference, actually because together they can follow their own Paths with greater certainty. When they are near each other, Waffa changes very much and cease to be a victim of self-naivety. In the same time, Trigg frees himself from endless preoccupation with inter-clan and interracial conflicts. They saved one another's skin multiple times, so they both signed for their "pact" with own blood. And now what? Maybe, they will never confess to this, but every new raid brings growing anxiety. Painful mutual fear for safety of each other. Time is creeping - fear grows and aggression goes down. They dream for other living and damn the raids. At the end of the day, Waffa is too young for such horrible scars.

Bad thoughts are gnawing at Waffa's mind - she is sure, that their talents are not entirely realized. Well, if they are going to fight, they have to do it for more serious purposes, then eradication of harpies or skeletons. Trigg helps her to feel more at ease, she answers with the same. For that very reason, his company is much dearer for her, then any other company. He doesn’t expect hysterics and rudeness from her, but sets her mind at rest and confidence. Other people are not so prosperous in this matter.

Waffa hates any kind of elves. Not only blood elves (who is alien to taurens by nature), but even night elves (who is respected by taurens and recognized as elder brothers). Moreover - Waffa almost always provokes conflict by herself. With the lapse of time, this problem goes down: young taureness learn to note good features of ambitious humans, opinionated dwarfs and blood elves, who is engrossed by unnatural magic. But problem still exists - it is still a long way off to solve it. Her tousled hairstyle is there any time, as well as hot temper.

(1) - I don't know much about official position of Blizzard regarding to cross-breeds in WOW. I arranged to suppose, that relations between male of one race and female of another is possible, but not in any combination. Also I suppose half-blooded childbirth to be possible, but very hard to accomplishment - probability of child conception reduces manifold and depends of position of celestial bodies.

Interesting facts:

Slap in the face by Waffa is three times harder then slap by average human girl. As a rule, Waffuree gives a dozen slaps at once, or even more.

When angry, Waffa quite frequently perform terribly strong kicks by her hoofs. But only when she is angry. Wait a minute… has she ever been calm???

Waffuree’s eyes are of quite rare bloody-red color. At moment of her birth, she had yellow eyes, which are common for tauren race. Hordish witch-doctors attribute this to her constantly irritated psyche – hormones bursts in her blood extremely amply and just too often, casing such odd anomaly.

Waffa is rather clumsy girl, but she equilibrates this by great physical strength and explosive, unpredictable, brusque attacking motions. Her body looks soft and rounded, no one muscle is jutted out even when tense, but this body is really strong, especially legs.

If Waffuree only could speak english, then you could hear all possible swearwords in her speech. She is not riffraff, but her speech is awfully dirty.

Various attachments on her right arm are necessity. Those are prosthetic devices; they conceal her hardest battle wound. When she turned sixteen and has taking a part in raids already for two years, dramatic event has happened. Waffuree charged thoughtlessly at strong revenant, 10 feet in height. Trying to block his thrust by her spear, she has completely forgotten about his extreme strength, and his sword easily sliced off part of her spear... together with her right arm, and then nailed down her body to the ground – that’s why she now have short deep scar on her chest. Trying to weaken pressure of blade, Waffuree gripped on to it by her remaining limb, deeply slitting her palm. Her buddies rushed to help and succeed to repel monster aside, but dying tauren lass should be immediately brought to healer. One of newcomers in group, orc by origin, volunteered to go. He has hoisted her strong heavy body onto his shoulders and ran through entire way without a rest. Waffa has found enough life powers to survive, and druid completely cured her left palm, but right arm below elbow has gone forever, and remaining part was almost useless. Give credit to Waffuree for her bravery – in such despairing situation, she didn’t rush into depression and remained bold as lioness, despite all her emotional nature. Good for her that warlike society of raiders (especially orcs) never considers such injury as deficiency – scars definitely signed warrior’s pride. As far as wounds skinned over, Waffuree has resolutely going to armourer for new weapons, which could be hold by single left arm. That armourer was rather wise guy, and even being impressed by her will and boldness, he realized all vulnerability of one armed warrior in battle. Having been thinking for a while, he created for tauren girl metallic limb with three segmented blade-“fingers”, which could be rotated and fixed by Waffa’s remaining limb at necessary angle. Waffa could make cutoff weapon or stabbing weapon from it, or draw in its sharp edges of claws to make ‘hook’ for carrying weights. She has to do any of those ‘switching’ operations by her left arm, because in world of Warcraft even gnomes still can’t create self-moving prosthesis, but that device eased her life a lot. Metal fingers could take any of positions and shape which real fingers could. For example, straight fingers with extracted sharp edge for battle and bent fingers with retracted sharp edge for daily work. When standing at home, Waffuree prefer to take her metal arm off and to cover shoulder with cloac to hide remains of arm. By and by, armourer created some other specialized replacements, for example huge bent-down blade of rare light metal. Waffa uses this blade in combination with shield attached to her right shoulder and with light flail in her left arm. Once she was noticed by famous warrior Zuljin, who had the same problem. For several days, he trained girl for self-defense and daily work without one arm. Lass had prospered in this direction so well that she never experienced any problems afterwards. But single reminiscence remained in her memory forever – deep gratitude to orcish guy, who has delivered her to healer in time. His name was Trig-Garm, or just Trigg.

Waffa always goes out of control, when someone laughs or just smiles on her. Laughter hurts her pride very much. Scarcely smile is enough to enrage her, especially if you smile, when she is swearing. She just can’t realize, that smile can be caused not only by jeer, but also by sympathy.

During one of numerous revisions of area around stopping place, Waffa’s group has found out, that one of arrows cache was cleaned out, and this obviously happened just now. Before to proceed on their way, warriors decided to divide and to examine nearby area quickly to find a thief. Reaching the brink of huge precipice, lonely Waffa has seen young and very handsome draenei on the other side, and immediately considered him to be guilty. Precipice stretched as far as she could see, it couldn’t be just bypassed or jumped over, so Waffuree started to shout at poor guy. She has bawled for whole ten minutes, when her voice began to strain, and when it was lost completely, she began to hurl stones furiously, missing time after time and swearing trough the teeth. Draenei could easily leave, but he considered tauren girlie to be definitely cute and wanted to convince her of his innocence. Waffa monopolized the conversation, screeching with high pitched voice. Draenei could only keep silence and to smile, which only irritated young tauren woman more and more. A little later, one of Waffa’s buddies has come and said with calm voice, that precipice just too big for foot-walker to steal those damn arrows and to reach other side in time. Waffa shut her mouth immediately, stood for a while very confused, then very quietly said ”Forgive, please” and went away.

If Waffuree only exists in real world, then I’d said her that she is beautiful lass, and I shouldn’t lay.

During Waffa’s only visit to one of Aliance’s towns as attendant and bodyguard of hordish trade representative, she noticed two gnomish jesters, who performed rather rough gag on marketplace. They offered to passerby women to compare sizes of their figures with natural-scaled statue of refined elf lady for insignificant fee. They had a piece of rope marked with green, yellow, red and black color marks: ”Ideal”, “Well enough”, “Omg…” and “Disaster!”. Slightly tipsy by dwarfish beer, Waffuree decided to take her part in this bedlam, but when envelopment of her thick and extremely round hips exceeds not only color marks, but all length of that rope – curvaceous girl considered such kind of humor to be flat. Next moment, her stiff hoof ruined brittle statue by one single kick, shocking the crowd. Then she turned to gnomish clowns, pulled fool’s cap down over one’s eyes and gave a fillip to another. Finally, she sniffed scornfully and leaved the scene with arrogant look. Destruction of government property was punishable by arrest and penalty charge, but nobody was going to stop her.

Once a day, passing by group of familiars Waffuree heard from mouth of troll girl slighting remarks about Trigg and shape of his ears. Waffa came near silently and gave to offender monstrously hard blow with metal prosthesis, mauling her nose in mincemeat.

Characters (C) Scourge Miakhano
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Waffa Khalme, tauren warrior - front view.
Waffa Khalme, tauren warrior - front view.
Waffa Khalme, tauren warrior - rear view.
Waffa Khalme, tauren warrior - rear view.
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Taurens&Humans: face to face.
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