Kehuma Tamja (tauren)
Nation: Tauren
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Habitat: World Of Warcraft, elite guards of Thunder Bluff.
Source: Taurens & WOW (C) Blizzard.
Born: Februafy 2009.
Height: 6' 8+1/2"
Weight: 245 lbs
Notes: —″—
Fan character.

If Horde conferred knighthood, Kehuma Tamja would be one of knights. Noble soul and great willpower combined in her personality with surprising physical strength. Thus big strength, so very few people can hold it back. Commonly, taurenish women are nearly equal to human males by muscle power, but Kehuma stands at grade of the strongest, physically endowed and well trained. However, she got this strength not from nature only, but also because of exhausting everyday trainings of many years. She has not striking dexterity. Being rather awkward, Kehuma prefers to assault atilt, sometimes resembling Waffa, but being older and more experienced.

Kehuma is absolutely straightforward woman; she is completely unable to wriggle or to weave a plot. Even the simplest ruses are sickening for her – she never holds something back, never give ambiguous reply. No matter what. It is not even a principle; it is her style of living. She knows what she is doing – her menacing appearance and aura of assertiveness make interlocutors to be frank. If Kehuma shall try to alter her ways at least for a short while, if she shall try feline insidiousness at least for experiment, then her image of iron uncompromising female gladiator shall vanish instantly, and she’ll have to remind about her strength and her honor each time her tricks fail. She just prefers to be a good soldier of honor, then rather bad tricky-girl. What makes her different from Waffa, it’s her efforts to minimize probability of conflict, to save her own life and other lifes as long as it is possible. Experienced warrioress realizes that any opponent has real chance to hit her heart with sword, whatever unskilled he is and whatever assured she is. Life’s like that. And so, she always tries persuasion before fight. But if she had no choice, Kehuma will fight to death, death for her or for enemy.

... To be continued.

Characters (C) Scourge Miakhano
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