Zenjan Wjulle
Nation: Human (corellian).
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Habitat: The Old Republic era.
Source: Fan character. Jedi (C) Lucasfilm.
Born: May 2012.
Height: 5' 10,5"
Weight: 172 lbs
Notes: Personality: maximalistic, covetous, impatient. Fencing style: djem so, makashi elements. Midichlorian count: 10200.
Fan character. Twin original being developed.

Zenjan is dark jedi, just evil person. No doubt that she is really mean and goes into dark side as deep, as it needed to reach her goals. In that moments her eyes may briefly turn with yellow-red sith colors, but she is not a sith at all, because dark jedi don't pursue goals of global scales like ruling the galaxy. :) She is just selfish person, never ever thinking about others, but aways about her wealth and comfort. Only one of her goals may be considered as "global" - she has a dream to be finest lightsaber fencer of all living. Having no friends or allies, she is insane fanatic of lightsaber art, training in it day and night. Her purple crystal is adjusted to produce blade of blueish-violet color, she adore it for being "cold as night" and "hot as hatred" in the same time. Due to their very aggressive nature, she prefers the style of persistent pressure - Djem So. Sometimes, though, she briefly switches to almost the opposite style - makashi. She is not an expert of this style, but anyway, sudden using of makashi elements may confuse enemy. Also a pair of small daggers are always ready to help get out of the stalemate.

Zenjan coming through breaking the door, as she always do.

Zenjan was born in wealthy family of corellian traders and had two brothers. Her wacky father died from overeating when she was three years old, and her mother was arrogant and cold-hearted person, but usually pampered her children with expensive gifts (to divert their attention and not to waste time on their upbringing), so all three kids not accustomed to tolerate objections. Later family has lost almost all wealth due to some silly reasons. They did not turn really poor, but had to settle for average income. Children, who were accustomed to consider themselves the center of the universe, could not put up with this state of things. They had to constantly compete for family resources, and most disputes were solved by punches. Three sibs fighted to the blood! Finally, they realized that they would have to satisfy their inflated requests on their own. Zenjan stealed her mother's jewerly and whipped away from home at the age of eleven. Sooner or later, her brothers did the same. Sibs never saw each other again.

Idle and narcissistic, she was shocked and depressed by difficulties of independent living (especially given that she still was a child). In that moment of life, she was found by little-known cathar dark jedi. He felt impressive potential in arrogant idle child and was able to instill in her a love for training through the understanding of power that training can give. The alternation of rewards and extremely humiliating treatment contributed to her rapid fall to the dark side.

Zenjan throws a glance to her opponent after intense exchange of lightsaber blowa.

Twelve years later, dark teacher was killed in some conflict with Jedi Order, leaving Zenjan a legacy consisting of hidden dwelling on the satellite of the gas giant in a lifeless star system and a pair of spacecraft. She did not grieve at all, but discovery (itself) that there are fighters much more skillful than her master ignited a new passion in her mind. The thirst to become a great swordsman grew as strong as thirst for wealth. Zenjan began to collect any information about the sources of knowledge of lightsaber art and the dark side of the force. The very idea that someone might be better than her was unbearable for her. Only a sense of superiority could please her corrupted heart.

Her main rival is "twilight" jedi Flo-Wai Vosu.

Characters (C) Scourge Miakhano
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Zenjan Wjulle (character reference).
Zenjan Wjulle (character reference).
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