Tayamee Andairu
Nation: Tauren
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Habitat:  World Of Warcraft, Thunder-Bluff.
Source: Taurens & WOW (C) Blizzard.
Born: Embryo idea - early 2006, finale - april 2008.
Height: 5' 10,5 "
Weight: 170 lbs
Notes: This character's birth is caused by reading WOW Wiki at the same time with sorting out my old sketches.
Fan character.

Tayamee Andairu always was too fragile and petite for tauren, even for girl. With her 5 feet 10 inches in height, she doesn't stand out against even human beings. At the same time, tauren ladies of 6"3' and guys of 6"8' in height is considered as short. Of course, this never was a tragedy, but unfortunately Tayamee's magic talents frankly was low. But on the other hand she always was agile and has heightened perception. Overall, she decided to do something which she can do very well - to learn stealth and... to steal.

And where do you suppose to find tauren teacher of stealth? Heh… :(

So only teachers she had was troll-tramps, goblin hirelings and… experiments on her own skin. First tries brings success and bitter experience both. Yes, her right eye forever hidden under black band - it is my little reference to Garrett from Thief game (he is also monocular). Maybe, it is their professional attribute. But this mistake was done only through inexperience and youngness, now Tayamee exclude any possibility of carelessness. Those predatory plants can attack unwary intruders by their barbs even in darkness - now she is expert of all such pitfalls. Also she learns abilities of any creature before she tries to sneak trough it.

By the way, Tayamee's practice to act alone doesn't mean that she avoid company of other taurens in common life. She holds true to her nation and never steals tauren's goods. Human's goods - maybe, dwarf's goods - with pleasure, even orc's, but not tauren's. Except some occurrences in the past… just to survive when she was just street filcher. Anyway, taurens finds her skills (especially spying) very useful in opposition with alliance. Maybe she is no match to Garrett, but there is no one taffer in the world of WOW who is as tough as Garrett. Clearly, taurens prefer to deal with Tayamee than with orc or troll tramps. Tough mercenaries of other nations are unreliable while ordinary tramps are unqualified.

Tayamee's main problem is tauren's traditions - thievery and necromancy means shame. Fortunatelly, taurens give respect to her devotion more and more. They began to realize that it is very high risk and heroism for completely unarmed thief - to infiltrate into alliance's den.

Warcraft world, WOW class system and of course taurens is property of Blizzard. Character with strange name Tayamee Andairu is my creation.

Characters (C) Scourge Miakhano
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