Yauru Hallu
Nation: Tauren
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Habitat: World Of Warcraft, Thunderhorn clan.
Source: Taurens & WOW (C) Blizzard.
Born: October 2008.
Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 218 lbs
Notes: —″—
Fan character.

At first sight, Yauru’s life can be called typical story of tauren huntress. This woman never took part in any of Save-The-World campaign, or even in heroic defense of little settlement. She has never been carried away with studying of some rare kind of magic or some daemons invocation. But if to look more intently?

You don’t need to strain your eyes just to see her, if she is not hiding. Yauru is tall girl, even to measures of tauren ladies. Being 6’ 7” in height and fleshy enough in her physique (did you seen any frail tauren girlie?), she always stir violent reaction of alliancers just by her appearing. Formidable weaponry, slightly arrogant manners and composed face increase this impression. You can think: “Heaven forbid me to get a spanking by such sturdy woman”! But this is just delusive appearance – at close combat Yauru is vulnerable enough and have much more chances to receive thrashing then to give it. No question, she is not helpless or weak, but her physical strength is far from expectations, which can be made by her look. For example, Waffuree is significantly stronger, despite her 4-inch inferiority in height. Also, Yauru cannot stand any pain, and bravery is not one of her qualities. Yauru has great endurance – she can cross tens of miles and run quickly, she is flexible and nimble for her size, but even appearance of forthcoming enemy froze her heart. Tiny scratch of Yauru’s knee can make her whine and sob continuously, every bit as infant.

That's exactly why Yauru very rarely allows for her enemies to see her, when she get herself into battle. She is huntress and not a thiefess, but her attacks are almost always performed suddenly and from far distance, and even from under covering if landscape lets it.

Yauru Hallu earns her daily bread by hunting after middle-sized animals – little wild boars, goats and foxes. If horse or kodo beast is available for rent for delivering carcass into village – then she can hunt for deer or doe. Meat and fur can be sold on marketplace, that’s stable income. Strange thing, but such steady living, free of crazy unrealizable ambitions and full of male’s taurens attention, still hasn’t turn into married life. Yauru is not only lonely woman, but also she is woman without any permanent home. Hunting on the same lands for all of her life, she takes up her residence in derelict huts, changing them very frequently and satisfying herself with brief love affairs, sharing bed with cute male taurens with great pleasure, but returning to lonely life at morning. Why it’s going this way? Only Yauru herself knows.

At times, Yauru have to aim her arrows not at animals, but at reasonable beings. When it comes to sharing of hunting ground, and her interests are violated, she’ll surely give distressing welcome to trespasser. In that case, Yauru trace her adversary with patience, choose right position and make precautionary shot. If enemy is too stubborn, Yauru shoot for effect, quickly shifting and not allowing discovering her. When it is fortunate, she wound her enemy and pursue awhile, driving off him or her. At least, when she is completely sure that enemy is giving up, she is revealing herself and showing true mistress of land. This scene is usually supplemented with brief moral admonition, as caustic as her actress talents allow. But if rival is sensible and agile enough, if he or she discovers Yauru’s hiding place and finally if he or she succeeds in approaching, covering self by hummocks and tree trunk, then tauren huntress shall rush in runaway shamelessly.

Characters (C) Scourge Miakhano
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